Protest sends pro-trans message to Hobart commuters

Forty people turned out in wet, cold and windy weather yesterday to protest an anti-transgender message on a billboard in Hobart’s northern suburbs.

For nearly a month the billboard sponsored by anti-transgender group, LGB Tasmania, has broadcast the message “Let Kids Be Kids” in opposition to gender-affirming care for young trans and gender diverse Tasmanians.

The protesters, who stood in front of the billboard at the Hobart showgrounds on the Brooker Highway in Glenorchy, held banners declaring “Let Trans Kids Be Trans Kids”, “Trans Lives Worth Fighting For” and “Unbroken”, with some commuters hitting their car horns in support.

Spokesperson for Equality Tasmanian which organised the protest, Olivia Hogarth, said,

“It was heartwarming to have so many people brave the wet and blustery conditions to join our action to support and stand in solidarity with trans and gender diverse Tasmanians. “

“As the 40 of us stood in front of the electronic billboard on the Brooker Hwy in Glenorchy, we were greeted by supportive car horns from people who supported our message ‘Let trans kids be trans kids’.”

Long-time Tasmanian tranasgender human rights advocate, Martine Delaney said,

“The rights of trans and gender diverse kids to exist is being undermined by misinformation campaigns. It’s vital they see their allies standing up for them, no matter how cruel the weather!”

From Monday the billboard was to carry trans-affirming messages sponsored by Equality Tasmania. These messages were to include “Let transgender kids be themselves” and “Save lives, Support transgender kids”.

However, overnight the billboard was vandalised with red paint and it is uncertain when Equality Tasmania’s messages will begin. 

The anti-trans message only had one more day to run. No-one has claimed responsibility for the vandalism. 

LGB Tasmania has said it will sponsor equivalent billboards in Launceston and Burnie. It is understood the same billboard will also appear in Sydney and Melbourne.

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For more information contact Martine Delaney on 0417 530 621 or Olivia Hogarth on 0415 372 193.