LGB group’s anti-trans billboard antithesis of Pride Month

Equality Tasmania says an anti-trans billboard in Glenorchy has no place in an inclusive Tasmania. 

The billboard reads “Let Kids be Kids” and was erected by LGB Tasmania for Pride Month. LGB Tasmania is a group that excludes trans and gender diverse people. 

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rose Boccalatte, said, 

“Research consistently shows that trans and gender diverse young people thrive when they are affirmed.” 

“The message of this billboard is that trans and gender diverse young people don’t exist or are misguided, that supporting them is somehow a threat to young people and they should be left alone to suffer in silence without hope.” 

“That message is the antithesis of Pride Month.” 

“This billboard is inflicting harm on trans and gender diverse young people in Hobart’s northern suburbs, young people who are already struggling to find their place at school, at home and in the community.” 

“It has no place in an inclusive Tasmania.” 

Equality Tasmania Vice President, Dr Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, said, 

“The slogan on this billboard has been used to justify erasing, ignoring, stigmatising and discriminating against young lesbian, gay and bisexual people for decades.” 

“It has been code for saying lesbian, gay and bisexual young people don’t exist or are just pretending, and if they do exist their needs should be ignored and they should be pushed to the margins.” 

“It is a travesty that this slogan is now used by an LGB group to stigmatise young trans people.” 

“Pride Month is about inclusion and celebration, not prejudice, shaming and exclusion from one part of our community against another part.” 

For a copy of this statement on the web, click here

For more information contact Rose Boccalatte or Lucy Mercer-Mapstone via equality.tasmania@gmail.com