Equality Tasmania has thanked those Tasmanian senators who today voted down a bill banning affirming health care for young trans people, and has said it will seek to meet those in favour of giving the bill further consideration.

Tasmanian Labor and Green senators, plus Lambie Network senators Jacqui Lambie and Tammy Tyrrell, voted against the bill being sent to an inquiry given the damage to trans and gender diverse people debate on the bill will cause. Tasmanian Liberal senators, Wendy Askew, Jonathon Duniam and Claire Chandler voted to keep the bill alive.

The motion to not send the bill to an inquiry was moved by Tasmanian Greens’ senator, Nick McKim.

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rose Boccalatte, said,

“Life’s already tough enough for young trans and gender diverse people without this extreme bill banning life-saving health care.”

“The bill would have put young lives at risk, as well as taken away the right of parents to decide what is best for their children.”

“Further debate on this bill would have stirred up antagonism and discrimination towards trans and gender people.”

“I thank all those Tasmanian senators who consigned this bill to oblivion.”

“Equality Tasmania will seek meetings with those senators who voted for the bill to be further debated so we can explain what deep damage it would have caused.”

The motion and vote are included below.

For a copy of this statement on the web, click here

For more information contact Rose Boccalatte on 0433 144 836.


Motion moved by Senator Antic (Liberal):

  • At the end of the motion add: “and, in respect of the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023, the bill be referred immediately to the Community Affairs Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 31 May 2024”

Motion moved by Senator McKim (Australian Greens):

  • At the end of the motion, add: “and the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023 not be referred to a committee”

Senate divided to vote on Greens Motion – AYES: 32, Nos 23
AYES 32: Allman Payne, Bilyk, Chisholm, Ciccone, Cox, Faruqui Green, Grogan, Hanson-Young, Lambie, Lines, McAllister, McKim, O’Neill, Payman, Pocock B, Pocok D, Polley, Pratt, Rice, Sheldon, Shoebridge, Smith M, Steele-John, Sterle, Stewart, Tyrell, Urquhart, Walsh, Waters, Watt, Whish-Wilson

NOS 23: Antic, Askew, Babet, Brockman, Cadell, Canavan Cash, Chandler, Duniam, Fawcett, Hanson, Henderson, Hughes, McGrath, McKenzie, McLachlan, Nampujinpa Price, O’Sullivan, Paterson, Rennick, Roberts, Ruston, Scarr